Restaurant Review – Pachamama Cocina de autor

My first impression when arriving at Pachamama was warm, it is a place with decor and atmosphere that will make you feel very comfortable, after dinner want to stay to enjoy a cocktail, beer or a good wine. This Mexican restaurant is located in the Providencia neighborhood; front of the property there are spaces to … Continue reading “Restaurant Review – Pachamama Cocina de autor”

Restaurant Review – Café El Colibrí

This cafe, bar and Mexican restaurant, serving from breakfast to dinner; It is ideal for any business meeting, family breakfast or dinner with friends. It is located in the colony Las fuentes, close to Avenida Lopez Mateos Sur. It has a nice terrace that serves as smoking area, but also an enclosed area. You have … Continue reading “Restaurant Review – Café El Colibrí”

Restaurant Review – Cortázar Parrilla de autor

In a short time this site has been placed among the favorites in the area of Chapultepec in the Ladron de Guevara colony. It is a mixture of Argentina restaurant food, Yucatecan, and other things; so you can enjoy different cuts like picanha, the beef sausage, emptiness and the churrasco, but also pies roasted suckling … Continue reading “Restaurant Review – Cortázar Parrilla de autor”

Burger & Beer in Chapalita

Hamburgers restaurant located in the Chapalita colony of the West. It has no other intention than to be a place where you can enjoy a good burger. Despite being self service, they are known for their friendliness. The place is small, but have an outdoor area and tables for small groups. The menu includes chicken … Continue reading “Burger & Beer in Chapalita”

Restaurant Review – Oysters & Co

A new sea food restaurant, located in the Chapalita colony. Their specialty is oysters, which offer a cool bar, even decorating the place. But not only provide cool or warm oysters, you can also enjoy different entrees, soups, salads, burgers  and special desserts of the house; all with a touch of sea. Among its specialties you … Continue reading “Restaurant Review – Oysters & Co”